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Bleach out all the dark
I'll swallow each peroxide shot
Volumes I know will love and save me from myself
Maybe I'll just clean the shit off of these fancy shoes
I'll be a Princess Di and die with you.

Bill, 14 years, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, cupcake, ice cream's, Brazil.

I hope you like and enjoy. x
Lady Gaga   


Lady Gaga and R. Kelly behind the scenes for their new music video “Do What U Want” directed by Me… coming soon!! #2

Lady Gaga rehearsing for the iTunes Festival

Lady Gaga

Yeah, today is Applause’s day but i love this video

The edge   The edge of glory   lady gaga   Applause   Burqa   Born this way   artpop   VMA   2013   queen   

She’s so diva

Lady Gagag   Artpop   Applause   diva   youtube   itunes   VMA   2013